Helping companies unlock AWS and DevOps

Our company was founded to help companies unlock the power of AWS and DevOps, so they can build amazing software that will change the world.

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Our mission

Rocketleap was founded because of the believe that we can help companies in a better way. We focus on providing Infrastructure as Code because it can solve your challenges in a unique way:

  • It allows us to deliver you a complete AWS Platform that follows all best practices.
  • We accelerate your developers by providing reference applications they can immediately apply.
  • While we align your interests with our business model without becoming a dependency.

Our Values

Our values are the "how" in how we interact with our customers, build our software, and execute on our mission.
  • Accelerate our customers: Our products are simple to use and integrate easily. They solve the generic problems and help developers deploy their services. Using Rocketleap is like strapping a rocket to your development process.
  • Align with customers: Our primary purpose is to serve our customers first. Our business model and pricing structure should align with our customer interest. They want to be help as fast as possible, as completely as possible, with as little commitment.
  • Customers in the lead: Our customers know best where they need to go and what they need to get there. We help them on their journey by providing the platform to get there. We are never a dependency between them and their goals.

Our History

Rocketleap was founded by Steffan Norberhuis after working over 7 years as a freelance AWS & DevOps consultant. He has helped companies of all sizes adopt AWS and a DevOps way of working to speed up their development process. With Rocketleap, he wants to help more companies with a unique approach that combines infrastructure as code with the DevOps mindset. He dedicated himself to gather all AWS best practices into a single, easy-to-use platform that companies can use from day one.